Massage Website Design Features

Many Massage Website Themes to Pick From

Easy Massage Therapy Site:

Massage Websites that are Easy to use, Quick to Setup, and Cheap
We will do everything for you. Just call us with your information.  We have content designed for massage therapy websites. You may use your content, our content, or edit our massage therapy content. Have changes to your massage therapy website? We will be happy to make the changes for you or show you how to edit your massage therapy website yourself.



Total Control of Your Massage Website:

You have complete control of your massage therapy website from design to content. You can choose a new massage theme or add a new massage website page. Choose from a large selection of massage therapy photos to place on your massage therapy website. You have the option to:

Do Everything

Do Nothing. Let Hayden Web Works Maintain Your Massage Therapy Website

Do the Easy Stuff if You Have Time and Let Hayden Web Works do the Rest

Most massage therapists choose the last option. They make small changes to there website for massage therapists and let Hayden Web Works, LLC make the big changes.


Custom Massage Therapy Domain Name:

A Domain Name is a web address, such as  www. It is unique. It improves your credibility. It says to the world, I am a professional massage therapist. It helps with Internet search results. We will do all the work to register your massage therapy Domain Name. However, we need your thoughts to pick a massage therapy Domain Name that is perfect for you.


Custom Massage Email Address:

You may have a custom massage therapy email address, such as, Jane.Doe Any email sent to this massage email address will be automatically forwarded to your personal email address. This means that your massage therapy email will show up in your personal email in-box. This is a very professional looking massage therapy email address. It will improve your credibility.


Unlimited Masage Therapy Website Pages:

You may have as many massage therapy web pages as you want. There are no limits to your website. There is nothing held back. You receive a deluxe massage therapy website for one low monthly price. See the Website Prices page for details.


There are 1,000,000 searches for massage therapy every month. Just think of all that potential massage business. Do not waste your money on yellow pages ads. People use Google to find the business they need.  With a massage therapy website, you can provide the following:

  • Contact Hayden Web Works TodayYour massage hours
  • Your massage contact information
  • The massage therapy clinic's address with directions and a map
  • Your massage therapy services
  • What makes your massage clinic special
  • The cost for a massage
  • Benefits of massage therapy
  • Your professional massage therapy credentials
  • and more


Improve Your Credibility:

You are a highly trained professional massage therapist. What better way to look the part than with a custom massage website and a custom email address. For less than the price of a one hour massage therapy session, you can have a gorgeous massage therapy site.


Internet Search Friendly:

Our massage therapy websites are built to succeed with Google searches. We  have built all the best practices and techniques into the core of our massage therapy sites, so that you will receive premium consideration in the Internet search results page. There are no guarantee, of course.


Everything is Included in Your Massage Therapy Site for One Low Price.

There is an additional charge if you need us to touch-up any digital photographs.  Please contact us for details.  →


No Massage Website Contracts:

There are no contracts with Hayden Web Works, ever. We want your massage therapy site business because we have earned it. We will continue to earn your massage website business every month.


Cost Effective Massage Web Design:

For less money than you will earn from a one hour massage, you can have a professionally designed massage therapy website. Start earning money with your first customer. You do the massage therapy. Let us do your massage therapy site design and maintenance.
Cheap Massage Therapy Website



Friendly Customer Support:

Our basic promise is to provide you with friendly massage website customer support. We consider many of our massage clients our closest friends. We regularly hear glowing remarks of their massage therapy success, which makes us smile. We have some small business experience. We are happy to share what we have learned over the years and what we have learned for other massage therapists.
Friendly and Expert Customer Support



What is Under the Hood?:

What software and service does Hayden Web Works, LLC use to create these massage sites? Here are the major products and services we use:

Drupal is the software used to build our massage therapy websites. Drupal is a free an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It is built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world.

Your massage therapy website is hosted by one of the largest hosting companies in the United States. They are 100% green power. Some of our competitors host websites from a computer in their basement. We leave the hosting to the experts.

At Hayden Web Works, we use Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) as much as possible. This helps keep or costs down. Our operating system in Linux. Our document editor is LibreOffice. Our favorite web browser is FireFox. Our image editor is the GIMP.

Text and image content:
We have spent hundreds of hours preparing a large variety of text content especially created for your massage therapy website. First we determined what text is needed on a massage site. This text was optimized for Internet search results. Next the text content was examined by three different spelling and grammar checker programs. The content was reviewed by three massage therapists. Lastly, two editors reviewed the content.

The massage therapy photographs were created by and are the property of Hayden Web Works, LLC.

Please Note: The text and image content belongs to Hayden Web Works, LLC. Our massage website customers may use our content. If you are not a Hayden Web Works, LLC customer, you may NOT use our content.