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Attracts Interested People to Your Massage Therapy Clinic

Save Time, Save Money and Save Energy

Massage Therapy Websites are today’s most powerful and effective marketing tool for the successful massage therapist. Hayden Web Works, LLC is the smart choice for your massage therapy website partner. Click here for a list of our massage website design features  →

The Internet is not an emerging fad. It is a reality. People no longer use the yellow pages to find businesses. They search for movies, restaurants and Massage Therapy online. They know they will receive better and quicker results with an Internet search.


Massage Therapy Websites Build Trust With Clients

People trust websites as opposed to yellow pages because they know that they can find a trusted business and a lot more current information than you can in the phone book.

You can look at a professional Massage Therapy website and find detailed information about:

  • The massage therapy services
  • The massage clinic's office hours
  • The massage clinic's location
  • Contact information for the massage therapist
  • Cost of massage therapy services
  • The massage therapist’s professional background
  • The massage therapist's unique knowledge
  • Benefits of massage therapy

Customers can see the Massage Therapy modalities you offer:

  • Neuromuscular
  • Myofascial Release
  • RUIT  (Repetitive Use Injury Therapy)
  • Positional Release
  • Raindrop Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • ...

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Save time and money with Hayden Web Works' massage therapy websites

Everyone understands that a website will grow your practice. But do you know how truly successful massage therapists use a website to cut hours off  paperwork? This leaves time to focus on more massage clients.

Effective Massage Therapy Website Design is more than just flashy images and pretty colors. You can get these anywhere, but smart Massage therapists use their Massage Therapy website to post intake forms online, collect emails for contacts, provide answers to frequently asked questions and receive insurance information via their website.

Could you imagine how much time you save when a new massage patient brings in all  their completed intake forms when he/she walks into your practice?


Built For The Smart Massage Therapist Needing to Grow Her Practice

We want you to succeed. Your success is our success. At Hayden Web Works, we understand that your day is filled with countless activities, responsibilities and people who need your time and ability. Therefore, we make your website an easy and enjoyable experience.


Hayden Web Works Massage Therapy Websites are Quick, Easy and Affordable

We understand the importance of having your website up yesterday!

Massage Websites that are Easy to use, Quick to Setup, and CheapMany well-meaning web companies can spend six months preparing and building you a website. They require you to provide all the massage therapy website content. This takes a huge amount of time. Time that you do not have. With Hayden Web Works, the content is provided. Your website will usually be on the Internet in less than 24 hours!

You can rest at ease knowing that your website will attract new clients starting tomorrow. Hayden Web Works, LLC is a Professional Massage Therapy Website Design Company

Massage therapy website design is not a hobby for Hayden Web Works, LLC. We are professionals. Websites for massage therapists is our only business.


At Hayden Web Works, we Pride Ourselves in Our Friendly and Approachable Service

Don’t you hate calling up your phone company only to be greeted by a computer? We do too!

We are a family at Hayden Web Works, LLC. Our basic promise is to provide you with friendly support. We consider many of our clients, our closest friends. We regularly hear glowing remarks of their success, which makes us smile.

We are here to see you succeed. After you first contact us, we will call you to find out about your massage therapy clinic. With this information, we will design a massage therapy website just for you. Before your new massage therapy site goes live, you will be given a chance to review it and make any changes to your massage therapy website. Once you give us the green light, your new massage therapy website will be on the Internet in a matter of hours.

When you become a member of the family, we will call you and give you a detailed tutorial of the complete system and will be there until you are comfortable with it all. Afterwards, you can contact us via email or phone if you run to any questions or need assistance making changes to your massage therapy website. However, if you want Hayden Web Works, LLC to make the changes on your massage therapy website, we are happy to help.

As a member of the family, you will find comfort and assurance in every step of your massage website construction.

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When you contact us, you will become a member of the Hayden Web Works, LLC family immediately. You will get all the benefits our members enjoy. We will be here to answer any questions about your website. You are able to customize your website content to fit your Massage Therapy clinic. Enjoy many of the marketing features that promote you on Google. We have a lot of practical experience operating a small business. We are happy to share what we have learned and what other massage therapists have shared with us.


This is a small sample of some of our features:


Massage Therapy Websites Designed With Internet Search in Mind

We will create your website from day one with Internet search in mind.

Our system is built from the ground up to succeed on search engines. We are always listening to both Google and experts on how to succeed on the Internet. We have implemented all the best practices and techniques into the core of our system so that you will receive premium consideration in the search engine results page.

Quick Note: We Do not Guarantee Search Engine Rankings

There are no guarantees of high rankings Internet search placement. If we did, then we would be lying to you. Google and Microsoft (Bing) are their own businesses who make their own choices about Internet search placement. No one can guarantee you a top placement in Internet search results.

But We Do Guarantee We Will Create Your Massage Therapy Website With All of the Best Web Practices to succeed with Internet searches.

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Massage Therapists
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We Exclusively Design Websites for Massage Therapists

We have designed websites for massage therapists to succeed. This means everything that you will see is designed with the unique needs of a massage therapist in mind.

  • Easy to setup and change content
  • Attract new clients
  • Simple, elegant massage therapy websites
  • Internet search friendly
  • Custom massage therapy website
  • Your practice specific forms are quickly added on your website
  • Friendly help is just a phone call or email away

We have already created this all for you. Your Massage Therapy website sits ready for you today. Sure, other designers may be able to recreate all of this for you. It will be expensive. You will be waiting a long time for your massage therapy website to be created. But why waste all that time and expense when you can have a massage therapy website tomorrow?


We Make Sense Financially

  • You pay one flat fee per month  →
  • Less than the price of a one hour massage
  • No start-up fees
  • No website hosting fee
  • No domain name registration fee
  • No contracts
  • No hassles
  • Nothing else, just one fee

Many web design company can charge $2500 for only the design part of your website. You must spend the time creating the content and taking photos or purchasing them. On top of that, you will receive a hosting fees that can reach $50 per month. Any time you want to change anything on your massage therapy website, there is a fee. There is a yearly fee to register your domain name (www. If you want Internet Search or Marketing Help, there are more fees. Do not get me wrong, many of these companies are very good. But they build your massage therapy website from scratch. This takes time and costs more. Besides, they are not specialists in massage therapy website design. We are!

At Hayden Web Works, we only design websites for massage therapists. We do not start from scratch on every massage therapy site design. We offer our professional massage therapy websites to our successful massage therapists at an affordable price because we already have created our web designs and features. All we need do is customize a massage therapy website theme for your specific massage clinic. This saves time and effort. We are able to pass the savings along to you.


Try a Free Massage Therapy Website for a Full Month By Contacting Us Today

  • Free Massage Website for One MonthEasy and simple to setup, just call, we will do the rest.
  • Your entire massage therapy website free for one full month
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  • No contracts, ever.
  • No credit card needed during your Free Massage Therapy Website month

Your complete massage therapy website free for one full month, if you contact us through this offer. You will receive every benefit and feature that every one of our customers enjoys. We will not need any credit cards during your free month.  There are no contracts with Hayden Web Works, LLC. We want your business because we offer great value, friendly, expert customer support, and have created the best massage therapy website you have ever had. After your free month is over, we will contact you to see if the Hayden Web Works, LLC family is the right choice for you.

It would be our pleasure to help you grow your massage therapy practice, but we also understand we are not for everyone. If you decide that we aren’t the right fit, then there are no hurt feelings and no obligations for you.

Grow Your Massage Therapy Practice with a Website from Hayden Web Works, LLC

Contact Us and Hayden Web Works will create your massage therapy website immediately. Once created, we will email and call you to help walk you through all the neat features of your new massage therapy website.


What is the Catch?
A Free Massage Therapy Website For a Month?

Risk Free

Many times our new customers ask, “What's the Catch?”. Well, once you experience the massage therapy site that we have custom designed, you will be hooked. Hayden Web Works, LLC will design a fully functional massage therapy website just for you. We are taking all the rise. Our massage therapy websites continuously succeed in growing your massage therapy business. We take great pride in our Massage Therapy website designs and believe you will enjoy working with us.


When you contact us, we will begin creating your massage therapy website immediately. We deliver massage therapy websites within 24 hours, usually. Even during our busy times, a massage therapy website will only take a week at most. This is still better than the 1-6 months quoted by most website design firms.