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We provide affordable and cheap websites for massage therapists. We know our job is to bring you more customers. We take this responsibility seriously therefore we have made a commitment to consistently add the best new designs and features that makes sense for your massage business. At the same time, we know that the biggest concern is price and it makes sense.

Cheap Massage Websites For Only $50/month:

  • Visa Credit Card / MasterCard Credit Card / Discover Credit CardOne automatic credit card payment a month
  • No setup cost
  • No contract
  • No design fee
  • No hosting fee
  • No cancellation fees
  • No tricks or hidden fees
  • No computer skills required
  • We do offer custom photo edits for $50/hour

Massage Websites that are Easy to use, Quick to Setup, and CheapWe provide low cost and affordable websites for massage therapists. Our goal is to increase your massage business. We take this responsibility seriously. Therefore, we are committed to consistently adding the best new designs and features that make sense for your massage therapy practice. At the same time, we listen to the needs of are massage therapist friends. We know that the biggest concerns are price and time away from your massage clinic.  Whatever you want to call it: a cheap website, an affordable website, an inexpensive website, or a low-cost website. Our massage therapy website service costs less than what you make on one massage. And, we will do all the computer work, if you want.

If you purchase a massage therapy website design from another company, it could take years to earn enough to pay for this website. You will start making money when you receive your first client by using Hayden Web Works massage therapy website services.

Our Massage Web Designs Are Built For Internet Search:

We are also experienced in getting massage therapy websites ranked on the top of Internet searches. There are 1,000,000 searches every month for “massage therapy” and 1,000,000 more searches for “massage therapist”. Our goal is for you to rank high on an Internet search. The process of improving the Internet ranking of a website is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Some design firms charge extra for this service. SEO is included with your massage therapy website from Hayden Web Works.

Quick Note: We Do not Guarantee Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization is both an art and a science. There are no guarantees of high rankings search engine placement. If we did, then we would be lying to you. Google and Microsoft (Bing) are their own businesses who make their own choices about search engine placement. No one can guarantee you a top placement in Internet search results.

Other Massage Therapy Websites Are Expensive:

There are some massage therapy website firms that will charge you $2000 or more just for the design of your massage therapy website. Plus there are fees for:

  • Setup: $200
  • Domain Name Registration: $25/year
  • Hosting: $50/month
  • Search Engine Services: $100/hr
  • Changes: $100/hr
  • Massage Therapy Photos
  • Your Time to Write all the Content

When you add up the costs to your massage therapy clinic, it could take years to receive enough clients to pay for an expensive massage web design. These expensive websites are very nice, loaded with lots of web features. Many time, features that are of no value to a busy massage therapist. These expensive sites will not bring you any more clients than a massage therapy website designed by Hayden Web Works. Our massage web design is a fraction of the prices. At Hayden Web Works, designing websites for massage therapists is our only business.

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A High Schools Student Said They Could Make Me A Website For Free

The difference between a high school student and Hayden Web Works is the level of skill and experience. If your shoulder is in pain, would you have a high school student rub your shoulder or would you visit a massage therapist?

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